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Thermoambient Energy Project - Conversion of ambient heat to electrical energy
Last updated 06/30/2020
Valvim M Dutra
My name is Valvim Martins Dutra and I live in Brazil. I am an independent researcher in the area of alternative energies and author of the Thermoambient Energy Project. I have technical training and specialization in the area of electro-electonics, I have a degree in Mathematics and a self-study degree in Physics.

Before dedicating myself exclusively to the Thermoambient Energy Project, which I am currently developing, I worked several years as:
  1. Technician of electro-electronics and automation, (Ishikawajima do Brasil - RJ-Brazil, Michelin - RJ-Brazil, Gillete do Brasil - RJ-Brasil) 1978 - 1984;
  2. Avionics Technician, (Conal Avionics - SP-Brazil, Votec Aviões - RJ-Brazil, Teterboro Aircraft Service Inc - NJ-USA) 1984 - 1992;
  3. Professor of Mathematics and Physics (SEDUC - ES-Brazil) 1997 - 2007;
  4. Consultant of vocational and technological education, (Ministry of Education - Brasilia-Brazil) 2008 - 2012;
  5. IT system analyst, (managing my own business via the Internet) 2005 - 2015.

My research and experiments on thermoelectricity have always been done in parallel with other professional activities. But since 2015, when I lost my sources of income due to the Brazilian economic crisis, I started to dedicate myself exclusively to the project. It was several years of work in the improvement of the module that I developed, which aims to convert the ambient heat into electrical energy.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough financial resources to produce the necessary prototypes and complete the project. Therefore, I am looking for a partner who has an interest and conditions to help me make this project a reality.

I am looking for a partnership outside of Brazil because, here, it is very difficult to obtain equipments and microelectronics laboratory, especially for works at nanoscale.

If you, your company or your institution is interested in partnering with this project, click here and talk to me.

Valvim M Dutra

Let's save the planet from global warming by recycling the thermoambient energy