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Thermoambient Energy Project - Conversion of ambient heat into electrical energy

Thermoambient Energy, the energy source of the future

Last updated 06/28/2020

Thermoambient energy
"Thermoambient energy" is the term I am using to refer to thermal energy stored in the environment. This project aims to convert that energy into electricity.

All matter (air, water, stone, metals, etc.) have thermal energy (heat) stored in their atoms even at room temperature. Until recently, the use of this energy was not considered due to the lack of adequate technology for this. But today, with the current advancement of nanotechnology, this may already come true. The equipment I designed to convert ambient heat into electricity, I am calling it the "Thermoambient Generator".

To understand the thermodynamic sustainability of thermoambient energy it is important to remember that energy does not evaporate, does not disappear, does not increase or decrease. It only changes form during use, satisfying the principle of energy conservation.

All the energy we use at home, at work, in industries, in the car, etc., necessarily turns into heat during use and is released into the ambient. This is true for all forms of energy, including those from hydroelectric, fossil, wind, photovoltaic, nuclear, and so on. Heat, released into the environment, is the last stage of every man-made energy transformation process. Therefore, recycling the heat, which we discard daily into the environment, is the greenest way to "generate" electricity and to combat global warming and its climate catastrophes.

If we extract 10 KW of thermal energy (heat) from the ambient, convert it into electricity and then use it to power a blender, a TV, some lamps and an iron, for example, these 10 KW will be transformed into ambient heat, again, as soon as we turn on these appliances. The electricity used by the blender will be transformed into heat during the friction of the propeller with the liquid. The light generated by the lamps, and the television, as well as the audio (acoustic energy) will also turn into heat as they propagate through the walls of the room. Note that the technology that converts ambient heat into electricity does not increase nor decrease the temperature of the planet. What will return the planet"s temperature to normal levels will be the reduction of fuels use, provided by the use of the Thermoambient Generators.

Therefore, thermoambient energy is the mathematically perfect solution for reducing global warming and getting all the energy humanity needs, in a clean and sustainable way.

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Author: Valvim M Dutra

This text has been translated from Portuguese. If you find some grammatical error or linguistic incoherence, I shall be grateful if you let me know the location of the mistake so that I can correct it.

Let's save the planet from global warming by recycling the thermoambient energy