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Thermoambient Energy Project - Conversion of ambient heat into electrical energy
Last updated 06/30/2020
Thermoambient Energy Project aims to generate electricity using, as raw material, the thermal energy already existing in the environment (thermal energy stored in the atmosphere and in the seas). The ambient heat conversion into electricity will reduce global warming and minimize climate disasters. The equipment capable of this conversion is the "Thermoambient Generator", built with HETM - High Efficiency Thermoelectric Module.

The Thermoambient Generator will be used to:

  1. Equip new air conditioners in such a way that they do not need to consume electricity. This will be possible because the new air conditioners will transform the heat of homes, industries and shopping malls into electricity, thus cooling their interiors.
  2. thermoambient electric carEquip electric cars eliminating the need to recharge the batteries.
    As the car moves, the generator converts the heat from the frontal air into electricity, keeping the battery charged and the motor powered.
  3. Equip power plants by feeding them exclusively with the heat of the environment. With "thermoambient" technology, today's atomic power plants could abandon radioactive materials to become environmentally friendly power plants.
  4. Equip boats, ships and submarines that have electric propulsion. thermoambient electric ship With this new technology, marine vehicles will collect thermal energy from the sea itself becoming 100% autonomous in terms of energy.
  5. Thermoambient technology will also allow the creation of computer chips capable of keeping their cores under continuous cooling, significantly increasing their processing speed. This new technology will benefit future generations of computers and supercomputers.

After several years of research and development, the thermoambient generator design is in its final stages. However, the active part of the generator, which is the HETM modules, have nanometric dimensions and can only be built with special machines and equipment. That's why I am looking for a partner who wants to invest in the project. It can be an electroelectronic company, environmental NGOs, angel investor or a higher education institution that has a microelectronics and semiconductor laboratory. If you or your institution is interested in becoming a partner in this Project click here and talk to me.

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Author: Valvim M Dutra

This text has been translated from Portuguese. If you find some grammatical error or linguistic incoherence, I shall be grateful if you let me know the location of the mistake so that I can correct it.

Let's save the planet from global warming by recycling the thermoambient energy